Ebenal General - David Ebenal - Bellwether Gate Project

Ebenal General – David Ebenal – Bellwether Gate Project

Ebenal General
4326 Pacific Highway
Bellingham, WA 98226
(360) 738-1940

Overlooking our beautiful waterfront, the Bellwether Gate is an entry point to the best Bellingham has to offer.

David Ebenal and his company, Ebenal General Inc., were chosen to lead the project, which focused on environmental cleanup and development…of this historical shoreline area, first settled over 150 years ago.

The Bellwether Gate includes over 137,000 square feet of developed space, with breathtaking waterfront views and four mixed-use buildings designed for retail, office, restaurants and residential tenants.

The Bellwether Gate has great curb appeal and is surrounded by scenic trails, popular with walkers, cyclists and rollerbladers making it the perfect spot for fine dining, and gracious living.

David Ebenal’s team equipped the Bellwether with the latest in modern convenience, including high-end fiber optics and plentiful parking.

In addition to the Bellwether Gate, the Ebenal Group of companies has completed dozens of high-profile projects in the local area.

And though we’re licensed and bonded up to $40 million dollar Ebenal General, Inc. remains a family-owned, local company, dedicated to helping people in our community work, live and play in style.

Find out more about the David Ebenal and Ebenal General, Inc. at http://www.ebenel.com