Ebenal General, Inc | David Ebenal Construction

Ebenal General, Inc | David Ebenal Construction


Back in 1993, David and Bonnie Ebenal started a small contracting business in the basement of their Bellingham home.

Today, family-owned Ebenal General, Inc. is one of the leading public and private contractors in Whatcom County, with an emphasis on historical preservation and quality construction.

Ebenal General, Inc. has a full-service team of designers, builders, managers and crew with expertise in all aspects of the contracting process.

David Ebenal has been a driving factor behind the revitalization of Bellingham’s historic Fairhaven district, which includes Fairhaven Gardens, housing commercial space, residential units, restaurants and Bellingham’s beloved Village Books.

Ebenal also developed Fairhaven Heights, a Victorian-style office and residential building as well as Fairhaven Square.

Ebenal General, Inc. was instrumental in saving the iconic Waldron Building at the heart of the Fairhaven district, which marries old-world charm with modern convenience.

The Young Building, with its gracious architecture and luxurious condos, is another Ebenal project.

As is the Bellwether Gate, another high-end condominium development that overlooks Bellingham’s sparkling waterfront.

Over the years, the Ebenal Group of companies has completed dozens of high-profile projects in the commercial, residential, educational and non-profit sectors.

And though it’s licensed and bonded up to $40 million dollars Ebenal General, Inc. remains a family-owned, local company, dedicated to maintaining the history, charm and vibrancy of our wonderful community.

Find out more about the David Ebenal and the Ebenal General, Inc. at http://ebenaldevelopment.com/